Solondz has a dog that audience falls moaningly into its eyes, but that’s not enough is it.

Solondz has a dodgy cruise party, he is inviting us to. It is fun, sure. But it is excruciatingly poignant that does take a toll on us. The writer and director, Todd Solondz has got tricks for smoothness in buckets. You can’t deny that. But sliding over with such flamboyancy, how far can you go where style is taking over the substance. The film cares more about the punchline than the way it reaches to that one-liner. It frankly isn’t worth to put yourself with enormous effort through this, just to hear that familiar chuckle. The film’s major theme deal with transitioning yourself from one place to another.

And just like the dog does, we get to meet plenty of eccentric characters who are to the core, till their final beat, humane. That is what you should take away from the film, never for a second does the urge for being humorous compromises the nature of the characters. But other than that, you might as well go through other collection of his films. Split, into four parts, Julie Deply’s performance is the only hope to survive the first act, just as Greta Gerwig’s hopeless passionate character gives a certain weight in that act. So is the similar case with its last act.

But the real meat lies in Danny Devito’s, closest to the premise, chapter where both performance and content offers you the meal promised in the endorsement. His confessional scene in a small cabin is some of the finest performance he has pulled off, with such sincerity he walks over that fine line of drama and comedy. Something that Wiener Dog thought it could achieve, maybe this is not its day. P.S. all the interviews are the best part, from a director bragging to an amateur giving his- that looked like- first interview.

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