The nature is wilfully kept in contrast to desires, disappointment comes in handy just as the sound sleep, later on, does.

Rohmer is tantalizing you for over ninety minutes. I don’t wish to use the word “Barbarous”, but it is essential to describe Eric Rohmer’s work, in here. It is barbarous for it has to be gratifying after the dust settles. Between this sunrise and sunset lies the film. And from the first act, it is quite a struggle that Rohmer, puts us through. The lead character is incredibly strenuous to follow, to bear, in fact. She isn’t meant to be likeable or adored. She should not be opted to be the host. And yet, she is.

And just like the number of characters that mingles with her, with various methods, trying to get in, we are told over and over to stay away from her. And yet we keep rooting for her. It is less screen time and more on the maturity of how she filters or criticizes others, more importantly how she does to herself. The uncertainty in her views is what makes her empathetic and not how people behaves or reacts towards her.

And just as I have been listing pros and cons, ping pong-ing my views back and forth, the film struggles similarly. But is it a struggle, if you want it to be? The film is a success, when you wish you were there, present with her, trying to understand and talk with her, just few words. Another thing I noticed and loved about Rohmer’s film is how far it is from materialistic possessions. Literally, the bots are stripped naked, only their nature, personality is left. It is hard to say something about a film like The Green Ray, I could only experience and recommend it, this art is adaptive to each being, look at it however you wish to.

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