Commandments rehashed in city lights, they might hold up, might not but Dekalog’s quality surely will test against time.

Krzystof Kieslowski; the co-writer and director, of this phenomenal ten part series, which is often claimed to be as ten hour long film, is a testament in itself, to filmmaking, storytelling and, art that drives all. With the crowd pleasing concept, the writers, Krzystof Kieslowski and Krzystof Piesiewicz, are actually enjoying. That’s quite a shock, isn’t it? The concepts are established, the theme well introduced, the cinematography almost like some painting, the metaphors spread across like elements and the characters staged with a spectacular choreography. What more is left, they wondered. And fun, is the answer they came up with.

Take each of the chapters individually and you’ll see for a brief period everyone is let loose in their own rhythm. The cars zooming, couple laughing, mother discovering her son or daughter, friends tearing up, brother spiralling plan and a boy dancing after getting an approval from her crush. What a release it is, speechless, to see such calculated tales feeling no obligation, breaking their rules, for that one smile of the day. Another fine quality and major theme of these films is the physical sequences.

He wants you to scratch your brain, Kieslowski, when the physical acts are on the run. What is that urge that he gives birth to, that we feel compelled, almost insisting, on finishing that puzzle. No matter how carefree your attitude is, if someone is being chased or chasing, you would be mesmerized until they leave the frame. The spectators are too hovering around in these films, a particular one that can be seen in every chapter except for the last one, can often be considered as the perspective through which the germ of the idea that these creators had before magnifying these stories on screen. Now, as you can see, Dekalog is timeless not because of the hard work, but because of how much they loved working hard on it, they had fun as much as you had, I’d say that’s a balanced world.

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