Hemsworth is still carrying that goofy confidence in his body language and Thompson, her new state of bloated coolness, the suit suits, the job doesn’t.

F. Gary Gray, I thought, usually is the guy to carry on franchises with equal respect as they start on with. If not increase the hype but will surely continue the momentum of the chase that drives the fans to cinema. Of course, these are all hypothetical thoughts you wander before going on in this cash grab chapter of a popular franchise that lately has been struggling aplenty in order to be politically correct, compromising both quality and the agenda that births that whole drama; ironic, right! Now, before I go through train of various disappointing elements, let me point out the primary and the surprising one.

The visual effects and physical sequences- the one thing these big banner film thrives for- are practically straight out wrong, as in they have somehow forgot to account in the distance and time factor in doing so; from showcasing a vehicle zooming, to a creature in a jetpack boosting off, it is odd and uncomfortable to swallow all. And on the other hand, the best asset is the creativity on how varied number of creatures are presented, these tiny aspects keep giving us hope in this overlong two hours of journey- basically a slow death.

The storytelling mostly follows the Copy-Paste system from other passable buddy cop films which to be frank isn’t done properly, ergo, the result is worse than that. The antics, nothing but loud bangs, the jokes, desperate attempts for cheap shot and emotions, fairly shallow. The only character that you are going to look forward to, is Kumail Nanjiani’s voicing as Pawny whose affirmatively positive comments are flat out hilarious. Men In Black: International, the name gives it all away, from the locations to the transparency of the characters, I mean still holding on to their obvious hidden card, is not actually arrogant but simply ignorant.

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