The dark side of the Marvel, the black hole, where even the fans won’t return satisfied.

Kinberg, at a certain point, could be forgiven. I can see him pitching the idea enthusiastically and even getting the equal reaction back. He is, first and foremost, a writer. And he, the writer and director, Simon Kinberg, therefore, surely knows on what frame to finish the film. That very piece of note flying about, the whole point gets checked off metaphorically, in those last moments. But we are getting ahead of ourselves and we are exaggerating. For beyond that very frame- surprisingly for a movie of this genre- I didn’t buy a singly word of the film. It is the probably of the shortest runtime and yet the most time-consuming one. The previous chapter, Apocalypse, did make me think that maybe we’ve had too much of superhero films. But I resisted.

Clearing out my doubts, this time, the franchise is back with another irrelevant chapter; after Days Of Future Past, everything seems like a desperate pursuit for big box office collection. I would say, that this is the olden days in rom-com genre where we are suffocated by CGI explosions, even the summer schedule at the theatre is congested. And, this is the Kate Hudson rom-com that no one asked for.

In terms of comic book films, it is equivalent to Clooney’s version of Batman, or current DC; pick your choice. Tomfoolery is an unintentional by product; obviously, and if not, than this is gold. The promising concept was James McAvoy’s track, that too, only in the beginning, where you see him as a fully fledged egoistic leader, which later on, is crushed on by super super elements that weighs zero credibility in the narration. The only question that this so called sci-fi film asks, is why did they name it Dark Phoenix? It is not likely to be, but if another chapter does comes up, I’d recommend X-Men Mistake.. oh no, Dark Mistake- it gives that intense feeling.

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