What Edwards carved out in the previous chapter, is thrown out and they are starting again, this was a big mistake.

Dougherty is neither answering nor raising the questions. Oddly enough, the director, Michael Dougherty is also responsible for this chalky screenplay that he co-wrote with Zack Shields. But why would they work hard, if clashing towering mythological creatures painted by a bucket full of mashed cgi, could make its audience drool and fill the pocket of the banner with tons and tons of gold- maybe this was too much. At least the makers won’t be able to judge someone by that, after what they have pulled off in this latest installment of a long going franchise. But I sincerely, want to go through this. What is it, that makes us giddy up for more of this monster debacle?

Is it the inner child in us, that sees the world with such one dimensional view? Or is it that stereotypical punching bag feeling? Exerting rage for a cathartic release, that we have been piling up for the whole week and are about to take it all out on a popcorn bag. It is not the SMASH SMASH SMASH, as much as it looks like. It is not. For, unlike MCU, they are not focusing a lot on the choreography of the battle, it is still dull. But I’d hardly blame the so called true king of the monsters.

It is the humans I find it difficult to bear on screen. We are told over and over again, to go through the same rigmarole of “Run! Run! Run!”. The pitched in emotions are shallow, ergo, the entire track of unnecessarily long cast gets thrown off in the garbage. So, there must be something they have got it right? Yes, there is, claiming it to be mythology- which it is not of that subtext at all- the fanboys are going to have a time of their lives, as all their suffering– if they consider it to be– over the ages is about to come alive in the form of Godzilla: King Of The Monsters, roaring with his heart out in a gargantuan IMax screen.

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