It is the titled character’s performance that you are looking forward to, although the techniques are bit like Kong’s.

Edwards packs a lunch full of power bars. Productive, nutritious and delicious is his methods and excited, keen and thrilled are our experience. The director, Gareth Edwards wraps this humongous gift for the comic book lovers and film goers of this genre, with a subtle hip and happening color, that makes this all look convincing. For a brief period, but surely believable. Unfortunately, one would think, that the first act of the film that drives us into the chaotic world through humanely emotional characters creates depth, one is wrong. What carves this piece of cake into an edible and healthier one, is Edwards’s perception of these worlds. He respects both, mythological events and the modernized materialistic world.

There are too many military references and too many fables of some old myth. Finding that very grey area, the film is a commercial film but of good quality, the kind that we don’t see around, nowadays. And when I say his eyes are sharp, I mean it cuts-through-glass, sharp. All the cameras installed to encounter this outrageous battle is from a definite perspective. In a sense, that each shot is like it is taken from some person, someone’s perspective, that helps connect with the viewers easily.

In fact, all the animated, alienated sequences are often shot with a frame between us and them. Like a car window or a glass window of a building or goggles or binoculars. These tiny aspects grounds the film despite of its bizarre plot points. The performance is nothing outstanding, it pretty much is, finding yourself running from something you don’t understand or fear or scream for, but what hurts the most, is that the reunions that never catches us. Just like the reason of Sally Hawkins being in one of these films, Godzilla is another meaningless addition to this franchise that is showcased to present the same old story with favorite fanboy moments.

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