Money well spent, or money spent, or just money, this trajectory is quite mandatory in this franchise.

Chris Renaud (revisiting) and now Jonathan del Val; the directors, are no secret keepers. But then, it is no secret that the series never had anything new to offer. So shall we. I would start with the content, but since it is clearly intended to be a commercial film for a younger audience, we won’t be knocking that door. The structure of the film seems, surprisingly, underfunded. I know, it is an animation. Still, it looks like they had plenty of opportunities to go big and instead were on lease. And were pinned down and staged to please with cheesy content and adorable animation; drool over, once again. The writing is of like some sitcom episode.

All the characters are split into their own track or territory going through the same old overridden melodrama, showing no real arc. The structure, the tone, of the film actually could have been incredibly entertaining and crowd pleasing. Think about it, each of these tracks running parallel-y, editing and switching onto them after every step, we as an audience is getting an improvement, one by one. But this is where they screw things up.

All the punch lines they try to.. Well, punch before cutting back to other track, are clearly not funny. Some mundane event is expected to be loved and laughed upon, and considering such childish philosophies as antic, they frankly have nothing to stand on. Another decrement from the previous installment- not that there wasn’t any room to go lower than that- is the animal behavior that were just simply funny and lacks majorly in here. Like going crazy over the butterflies or losing their minds as soon as a ball is told to be fetched or even their love for hanging out their faces by the window of the car. The Secret Life Of Pets 2, still no secrets.

Posted by:Arth

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