The most horrifying installment of the Conjuring Universe, oh sorry, my bad, the most horrible one.

Chaves is, I wish I could say, a good adapter. Since, he adapts most of the scenes from the genre itself. The originality objective is left unchecked and the director, Michael Chaves takes the blame for it. The franchise has always bugged me since the beginning. Don’t get me wrong, I have been a fan of their mythology, but their flaws is something that draws me into it. They contradict themselves perpetually, their tactics fails and their philosophy lags behind. And yet, they never think of rechecking themselves. I have never seen a film take these many wrong decisions in the first ten minutes, as this one does.

Craving for cheap adrenaline shots, the overridden melodrama and irrelevant slow motion takes are clearly off putting. The story searches for horrifying moments or creating jarring impact on the audience, and instead completely forgets to make sense let alone have some rhythm to nod on. Compared to The Nun, it is certainly less animated- which is usually good- but also less scary. The tricks, something you can rely upon the franchise, too is in vacancy in here.

The build up of an antic is montage of up close shots of being scared and the execution too loud to catch us by surprise. Even the back story, the flashback, the gist of the film, isn’t interesting. The boomerang aspect of the world is probably the best and untouched part of the film, the returning back theme, that Linda Cardellini finds herself in, from her own agency that knocks at her door to finding herself in the same spot that she accused others being at. Speaking of whom, Cardellini is the soul of the film, she whimpers as told and stands up against The Curse Of La Llorona as an improv, hold on to her and you might survive this.

Posted by:Arth

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