It is the Williams show, hear it on demand and experience it on demand, the broken rules are justified.

Levinson has got a huge gift in the form of opportunity for Williams. Luckily, a guy like him, Robin Williams, doesn’t take things for granted. And the director, Barry Levinson, aware of the armor he has, squeezes out the talent to his best. Impenetrable is Williams’s comic timing and bulletproof, he stays in this battlefield. Almost like a stand up, Williams has got the golden ticket to a global stage with a resonant message as such, the jokes are the distraction and the jokes the root of the game.

With a fresh irreplaceable structure the tourist element of the content is not only touched but grabbed and journeyed across the mountains and jungles exploring the Vietnam culture with a nuanced language that picturizes the rich heritage honestly. Another major contender is the pace of the film. With rapid expected information enfolding layer by layer, the screenplay is linear and has engaging drama that does surprise you in its last act.. And Williams as the sung hero in this unbiased world, breathes purpose in their act of war.

And with a crowd pleasing persona as such, comes the obvious montages like struggling to make someone laugh, and the paparazzi like crowd wolfish about the star after discovering him in a public place and in the end, the obvious shift in drama from humor, and the drama in humor. Now, meddling with such a force could easily go south, there is no denying about that, even the makers are aware about it, ergo, they don’t hand this power to anyone except Williams. And boy, does he take care of it. After wounded by the friendship and colleagues and the cruel world that seeks power, he bravely sits on the booth and wakes up the area in the evening yelling enthusiastically, “Good Morning, Vietnam.”

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