Linklater is scoring something so big here, that not only us, but the stars themselves find reminiscing about the good days.

Linklater is clear and alert about his project. Featuring a train of various sketchy sequence emerged from the carefree attitudes of the teenagers living the last day of the school like their last day of their lives, the director, Richard Linklater, has actually crafted a sensible meaningful party oozing the innocence behind the not-so-innocent deeds of these characters. In fact, there is a separate scene where the humiliation is turned to 11, deliberately. The senior girls chafing the junior ones religiously with bizarre new ways and then comforting them, after it all ends and welcoming them with open arms in their groups.

Now, this is where Linklater sees his window to get in our mind, and he doesn’t let go of that opportunity. Another trail of crumbs he spreads out, is the escapism theory that junior kids follow after being terrorized and threatened by the seniors, which turns itself into a whole new character. Matthew McConaughey coming up with the iconic line, “Alright! Alright! Alright!” is the least exciting bit, he performs in here.

With a sensational easiness in his body language and language, he pitches every line as a punch line and as a result, you find yourself on the floor laughing and wishing for more of his non-informative and assertive dialogues. Similarly, carries Ben Affleck, a one dimensional character, a stereotypical bully that hits at every red sign as a sign of challenge. In fact, I love that scene when the aftermath of a fight-gone-wrong is showcased as a celebratory win. This remains to be the theme of the film, resisting the urge to get sick after the party is over, poking the father unknowingly after he has caught his son from having a party and sobbing and melting down after getting into a huge fight leaving a bit Dazed And Confused.

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