The process requires long sweat inducing hard work, get on it, and cherish the cherries lying at the end of the maze.

Florian is a fan of art. And watching him peel off this passion thread by thread for over three hours is, I have to admit, pure joy. This marathon runs in slow motion like some profound poetry read again and again, trying to get the real essence out of it. Among many, many good qualities of the film, the obvious ones that stands out are cinematography and execution. But for me the introduction is and will be the best part. And I just don’t mean the prologue, but the fabulously choreographed entry of each character in the narration. They all come in with a definite agenda that maps themselves out on the storyline and casts quite a trajectory.

For instance, the hindrance of the love track between the lead couple, i.e. the parents of the lead actress, who whips you with a jarring impression. The mother being lenient forgives her daughter even though she catches her lover red handed- or should I say naked- and the father blowing off the candle with an exhaustion showing his firm yet protective nature. But above all, you have to love its definition of art. It dares novelize art by suffering for it and embraces it in the narration as it helps at the worst moments of our characters.

And then cons it, by creating it into a pocket filling business that yes, requires skill, but loses the innocence of it. Juggling theses thoughts in its last acts, there is a soothing solace to fall into with a captivating picturization of thoughts wandering in your mind claiming themselves to be sensitive vital memories. Never Look Away, preaches our little boy’s mentor and a dear friend, and he doesn’t, he keeps looking, simultaneously as we do, the craft in the painting proves the point of the title.

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