Robert pitches the idea to Anya and Anya, well.. brings the dead alive.

Eggers respects the rituals and in return the rituals him. By the time you are done with the film, you ought to have some faith in these folks. The writer and director Robert Eggers having confessed that it is adapted after going through tons of tales and rumors and history of such themes, he has narrowed it down to a gripping family drama. Yes, a family drama. It may resemble with Nicholas Hytner’s The Crucible, but before that it is about a family trying to get over from the past and heal themselves from the wounds rather than reminisce about it.

But when something so powerful and unknown casts his or her eye on the weak, there is very little time to fight back. And the family struggling with the outer threat, Eggers takes us through all the perspective, decisions and attempts they pull off to survive in this mayhem. That very middle act, is the best part of the film. You feel claustrophobic as the loved ones turns against each other and enraged when your host is put on trial.

Pointing fingers at each other, blaming at each other, we, as an audience, are also kept under the curtains, which not only teases our brains but our emotions too as we wish it to not go the way, that we have always feared, up till then. And Anya Taylor Joy at the centre of this family crisis, is giving her best as the character and actor, embracing the evil side of her and succumbing to the softer absorbing aspect, she spices up this formula, a long before it grasps a proper pace. The VVitch: A New England Folktale is English, is new, is Witch-y, is horrifying, promising and spectacularly painted with gore visuals that are definitely not for weak hearts.

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