Cube and Cedric are going hand in hand winning over each hurdle, they keep the legacy alive, while business comes in handy.

Kevin Rodney Sullivan, the director, has equally long film to run through. Jumping in the life of these familiar characters who have managed to exceed well enough in terms of capabilities both personally and professionally and yet as the film ages on screen, they have managed to stay the same. This is how excellent their command over the character is, they flaunt at their best and even at their worst. Not accepting to back down, should have been fabricated as their example of prowess but this is a rough town, and things go down pretty bad, pretty soon.

And yet they never learn, something that never covers the arc completely on their character which by now, I guess is a scheme to keep coming back as an excuse and well, make money; I mean, it is a Ice Cube production. Queen Latifah, the mixture of rivalry and friendly equation with our folks never could own the trash talk she is offered, the overdoing of that every bit of linguistic slices down the earned respect. But fortunately, these additional appearances are for brief moments, what stays with you is who has stayed with us up till now.

It is much more engaging to see an empty room crowded by the range that these revisiting characters needs for nothing but their sassiness. Ice Cube, this time, a bit mature, seeks for guidance to his father-alike figure Cedric who with his own long lost love story, clears all the fuss expressively. This is what I have loved about the series, if it is light footed, it stays by it all the way, even a crisis a big as such could be eradicated through easy mellow methods where the build up matters and not the impact, and that is how they are getting Back In Business.

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