There is a lot to explore in O’Brain’s novel, but Weir’s procedure is probably not the way to command this ship.

Weir has an apologetic letter to post. His somber world turns shade a bit darker every time this troop tries to celebrate small wins. Hanging by the cliff, these character and the director, Peter Weir is surviving this trip on low fuel. But, first of all, I think I should apologize before he does. “It is not him, it is me”. The pirate-isc world was never my forte. Even in The Pirates Of The Caribbean series, Johnny Depp had to invent one of the most iconic character to lure me in. I am usually under the “tough audience” section in these shows.

And since there is no Johnny Depp (although, half way through I genuinely was hoping for him to appear and just.. escape) or mythology involved in this drama- more than adventure, for sure- there is very little in their kit to entertain me. Nevertheless, there is a lot to devour in here. Of course, the brotherly romance between Russell Crowe and Paul Bettany is the top contender, where I’d be honest, I didn’t see it coming how deep and honest this equation would go; them sharing few tunes alone in a room- not a euphemism- is possible the only calm and stable scene that clears your mind.

Another textbook issue that emerges is for our hero Crowe to realize and respect the value of the post he is on, and with few mistakes and losses and wins, he finally gets there, although I’d say he was about an hour late. The production design is stunning along with the cinematography, Miramax is definitely showing off and why not, the Oscars season is coming up, they’d definitely need some higher authority to swoop in couple of those golden tickets, and this time they chose, Master And Commander: The Far Side Of The World.

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