A happy-go-lucky holiday is ruined by a loud bang, is the concept, and so does how the film come off.

Altman would make a great crossword puzzle creator in one of the newspaper publishing team. So what if the themes are iterated. That is where, the director, Robert Altman’s skills come in use, with a stable juggling act, the objects keeps increasing and the tension, surprisingly, released. Also, What is it with these mysteries confined within a boundary? Is it because it challenges us offensively and subjugates us to be the Stephen Fry of this tale? Who knows? All I know is that I was enjoying the social rigmarole of dominating each other with one note of superiority or in some cases none.

Couldn’t we just have enjoyed watching these highly poised and self-acclaimed important people fumble knowingly and hide their secret amateurishly. But no, the party had to be ruined. I was drunk on how quickly their loyalty and friendship changes, so stupid it seems and yet familiar it sounds. The compactness of the house filtered equally among these characters is the best puzzle spread across this long dinner table. And, of course, along with it, the traveling route of the gossip that is smooth and clean as those suits these pretentious gentlemen are wearing in this mansion.

The casting is a bit of a give away, next time, if you don’t want your audience to know the final act, cast B listed celebrities. As far as humor is concerned, Stephen Fry obviously, comes with a banner to take things lightly for apparently, it is a policy among the smartest detective, that is, they have to come with a sarcastic lexicon. Personally, I found Maggie Smith to be the real clown of this circus; who’d have thought of that. Gosford Park is exactly like some park, each character is set in its corner sulking and no one, mind you, no one is there for the fresh air.

Posted by:Arth

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