Reeves keeps changing suits and still has managed to looks the same, the theme is so deliberately definite on terms of information, that you will have to keep digging more.

Stahelski believes in the old testament. Strong and mystical is his command over the world, so rich and highly detailed that even the flawed characters and textbook formulaic writing will be overpowered as you sink in this poised light-reflecting clean job. The director Chad Stahelski is probably breaking record by going against everyone’s expectation on delivering a chapter of higher quality, this series has never seen a fall and it has been quite a journey. Round after round, this brawling brutal match is taking a toll on our host and we, shamelessly, as an audience keep wishing for more.

Plus, the series has a get out clause, in a sense that it will get support from both the corners. With an alluring picturization of the R rated mythology, the box office gets crowded for the universal physical language and the critics drool over the smoothness of the film, they took a simple formula and applied it on high quality filmmaking. From dragging in old tricks (they use chalkboards) and relying upon simple creatures, to visual effects finally coming alive in the film proving how advance the production has grown in this age and day; you don’t have to float through space to drop your viewer’s jaws or make their eyes pop.

Keanu Reeves, goofing around with his old time friend Stahelski, is pitching avant garde visions and Stahelski makes those dream come true, ergo, the narration had to be engaging- although the weakest character is Halle Berry’s in here. This time the world that they have created inside ours, seems more complete as other characters gets a huge chunk of meat on their side. And with Reeves leading them on, with a bumper sticker John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum, his still face, red enraging eyes and gutted screams undermines all the possible one-liners you can think of.

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