Eisenberg and Garfield are slow dancing in this speedily surfed world, no one is streaming live and the highlight is loosing the art of the game.

Fincher is dancing. And boy what a dance this is. So flamboyant and confident in the jibber jabber-ish of the tech world. Yes, this is how it would sound like to others. But this is not narrated by some average writer, Aaron Sorkin, the game changer of the screenplay writing, is in charge of these real life characters. And with director, David Fincher, the time jumps from back and forth to weave out an engaging drama in their tech-y mundane world, that actually thrives on the dorm room, unofficial chats rather than online ones or even the court trials. Your friends are thrown out like some bizarre avant garde idea while creating a website.

The stabbing in the back comes involuntarily and the exhilaration a part of the game, but amidst this game of sacrifice- not of their own but other’s, elimination is a way to success, breathes the film, or so it seems on the surface- the romance to make us groove with the momentum of these characters is lacked out by keeping them distant and dry of emotions. Yes, it is practically an apt depiction, but it should have been more unbiased to make us fall for this unknown backstage world.

Staring arrogantly with no empathy in his face, Jesse Eisenberg deserves the respect that he pursues so blindingly in the film. Call me childish, but I was drawn to Andrew Garfield’s victimized character. In a virtually statistical world, where there is nothing or no one to actually root for, it is comforting to see Garfield broken and humanized in his porsche black suit. On the other hand, Justin Timberlake comes off disappointing where these major league players are hitting home run after home run, this is the kind of The Social Network Fincher wants you to log into, so give him your password, he is not a fraud.

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