Belushi drives the whole house in a burning jungle and he is the only one that comes out alive.

Landis is just looking for the right angle that would somehow make it all tenable and sane to look at. And for the most part of it, he succeeds. What’s debilitating is the script that dries up on its own sunny rides. Gags after gags, scoot over there is another gag on the house, with so many laughs- and yes there are- the rhythm of the film is uncanny. And maybe we are to blame the director John Landis, whose failed attempts of parallel narration doesn’t capture the film in one frame.

There is a lot of editing, in the sense that it moves back and forth a lot, just for the sake of the joke and maybe I’d chug it all up if the joke was any better to take a detour of this long and stressful build up. Donald Sutherland as an eccentric teacher that obviously no one respects has some of the best moments. Personally, I loved all the scenarios regarding the classroom, from the fake court trial to a poorly ordered instructions. Then, there is obviously a party sequence, like all these teenage movie does, something that no one actually gets it right and end up just shooting jokes in the dark and drunk.

The jokes are not politically correct, they may not be accepted well with the time, but the quality, the lunacy is very much energetic. And among each characteristic handed over to various people, John Belushi triumphs over all the insane ingredients sprinkled in this overstuffed and overcooked dish. From grabbing lunch blindingly to heckling in the class, there is no one as confident as him while performing a physical comedy. He mocks and body shames himself, for the laughs, that very notion has a poetic sense in his enactment of animal like instincts residing in an Animal House.

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