I wouldn’t worry if I were Brosnan, the banner is ready to spend and people are ready to chug it all up, makes some more of this wrong universal language.

Spottiswoode is definitely going to be a guest director. Elevating the loud set pieces with a towering priority in the narration, Roger Spottiswoode, the director, isn’t even whispering the equation that enables us a front row ticket to these well choreographed dance. He, himself, is considering the motives or plot point revelations as some jibber jabber, so it would be hypocrisy for him to expect us to listen to these flips and turns let alone nod to it. What annoys me the most to suffer through is the antagonist’s evil plan, go through its own journey that will eventually lead to the world domination. How far are they going to get away with this formula, in fact I would even happily accept the other way around.

This is how low the expectations have grown, instead of working on creating a complex scene just to place a major stunt in narration, a better content would be appreciated much more. Even the cheesy one liners are turned to 11, and focusing all his energy into pulling off these jokes, Pierce Brosnan is always ready for the known counter attack or even pseudo reaction to huge fight sequences. There is not an ounce of humane like figure in his body which is a double edged sword, for you can only go so far with a photogenic face.

Jonathan Pryce gets few monologues to show off his skills while the Bond girl Michelle Yeoh gets her own ground to tap her feet on with probably the best fight of the film; and no the chase sequence doesn’t make sense, so drool over all you wish to. Tomorrow Never Dies, I never got the hang of the title, I always took it is a mockery to all the loud background score they play in the first act where we are told to get psyched whether Brosnan will be able to escape a missile zone or not.

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