Brosnan with his stealy cold looks, is quite a magician, disappearing logics and numbers, he quotes philosophy.

Apted acts almost like a robot in here. It is like he was told to make sure that this remains a one big sloppy kiss to commercial cinema. And Michael Apted, the director, with all the professionalism in him makes sure it does. The story revolves around the jungle where a bait is usually used to advance the storyline further, which sounds decent but only upto when the makers keep their vocab subtle and ask for some maturity; they don’t. The chase sequence that has always been the major signature asset of this franchise bodes well on terms of pace, we are not even going to point out how absurd it is, just let it be.

Also they have always tried to push themselves in pulling out what’s impossible practically and project it on screen, and in that very sense, it is an appreciative work. I can see why box office has loved Pierce Brosnan so far, for his films are incredibly fast and light on their feet, it embraces the macho-ism but unfortunately also defines it as not to boo-hoo in front of anyone, that marks it as a real deal. Which is also why many of critics have claimed it be the most sexist and ethically wrong icon to be rooted for.

The antagonist is given a lot a weightage but is unable to carry it off, the performance doesn’t ooze the warmth it demands. Also in a case like such, our hero, the rooted character that we blindingly bet on, have to come up with something impressive or at least equally awe-gasping for us to make believe that good triumphs over evil. Plus, somehow they have projected Brosnan as a bit Sherlock-ian who is now apparently an overly sung hero in any intense sequence that breathes how belittling everything is and how The World Is Not Enough.

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