Mendes has a ground breaking method and chilling ideology to make them sweat, switching into old style beat, gadgets are tagged out and drama in the ring.

Mendes is the game changer. He sees what a rich character like such deserves. And creating an ugly yet polished world, offering a palpable environment for Bond to survive, Sam Mendes, the director keeps the job, a job. Despite of being the most personal and emotionally driven content, the mano-y-mano perspective let’s you fill in on their shoes giving you the up close 3d experience with three dimensional characters which none of these hokum comic books extravaganza can give. This is also probably the first complete script of James Bond, in the sense that the linearity is easily followed and synced with crisp relevant action.

The Bond girl Berenice Marlohe leaves a resonant message in her brief appearance, also since this is the only Bond girl with almost no flirt talk, her fear makes her hand and voice shake and the film takes a steady U turn. This is where we catch up with Javier Bardem, who is celebrated with no care in the world by the writers, where you can see them bending the rules and even the script to make sure, he comes off as a magnetic righteous leader.

And if he is poised in every step of his plan, M, played by Judi Dench, makes him rubble every time, he encounters her and this cat and mouse chase is spiced with a love track that you not only don’t see it coming, but also practically go wolfish to have some more. And amidst all the new recruits to the old employees striking horn for some noble agenda, Daniel Craig, gets overshadowed which too is foliated nicely by Mendes making him the empathetic character, just like Ryan Gosling in Blade Runner 2049 or even Clint Eastwood in Dirty Harry to some degree. The ultimate question is, Is Skyfall the best in Bond collection? Yes.

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