It burns, it literally, does, at least they have got that part right, this question reaping tale gets a questionable look.

Yarovesky is a practical filmmaker. His methods might fabricate the commercial cinema with a character driven approach but he actually craves for cheap shots. And I wish I could say that with it comes cheap thrills, but with not a single ounce of horrifying moment in the film, I would be shooting in the dark. I mean aside of the fact that the time won’t pass by easily, plus it is not easy on the eyes too, with head scratching visuals to poor vfx, this is as low a horror could go. I wouldn’t blame the director, David Yarovesky but the writers Gunn brothers who are just throwing stuff out and about in the storyline and claims it to be an arc or the pivotal point.

The film is more “Where is it going?” then it is “How is it going” now, frankly that’s not much of an issue, if there lies a spectacle to behold in the horizon. But just like those hide and seek game that Elizabeth Banks plays, it builds up the tension a lot only to disappoint you with a 12 year old hiding in a barn. The content itself doesn’t have potential especially not the way it is treated.

What amps you up for the world is curiosity that we have and it is not something the film earns along the way, if anything it sobers up from whatever interest we might have had before going into this loud farm. The dinner table conversation from which the idea was given birth too, stays right up there, alright, it may develop into a train of mockery. But, all of this was anticipated or at least was possible in a way, but what comes off as a shock is Banks as an overprotective mother, and yes her character is too dogmatic for her to account in her own opinions, but hey, it’s Brightburn, even the Sheriff in this town is questionable.

Posted by:Arth

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