Let’s turn down the mushy-gushy romance a notch, it is a marathon of Moore era where this is the only piece of chocolate you are going to get addicted to.

Gilbert is back, after a while now. And with a promising premise and a polished version, he recreates the spark and puts the franchise back on the map with a hope that the magic isn’t vanished yet and they still have few impressive tricks under the sleeve. And even though the structure of the script and the concept itself seems derivative, the tiny moments that it thrives upon gives little wins to us and to those characters that keeps us engaged in this familiar exotic vacation. Cornered in vigorously by the previous chapters, Lewis Gilbert, the director, has decided to embrace all the ingredients that made these characters so magnetic.

Hence, a quick tour in Q’s lab, that makes the audience gasp and the fan boys to drool over something. This is more of a repaired version of the previous ones. And simplifying this formula made it so entertaining, all they had to do was not repeat the same mistakes they have been doing and the result is well, not satisfying but at least qualifying. The Bond girl gets a chunk of role to portray or should I say Roger Moore, the Bond, gets to support the lead actress.

Walking parallel-y with the Moore, Barbara Bach isn’t completely social with the audience but has surely pulled off a remarkable persona on screen that dares trick, James Bond himself- that’s going to catch up! Speaking of whom, with a more convincing dialogue delivery, Moore’s humor is palpable and smooth compared to the previous installments. He still lacks the- if I may- sexiness that the character demands, but I would presume that’s what the gadgets are for and not-so-likeable antagonist to contrast out the color and infuse an incredible love track between him and Bond, that is much more romantic than girl who reminisces, “The Spy Who Loved Me” gazing into the abyss.

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