Hamilton and Moore are changing the game, the result is one of the worst chapter of the franchise, so there’s that record now, to break.

Hamilton is behaving like some angenieux filmmaker. Usually when you go behind the camera for the first time, what you wish to make and what comes out creates a long distance between the audience and the characters. For, how you are pretending the scene to come off and how it actually does is the grey area where a qualified maker aims to bridge. And in here, along with this issue, Guy Hamilton, the director, has lost the complete balance on humor. This is probably the worst to come across in the franchise. In a sense that it is not only not funny but also clearly wrong.

It is more expressive about the offense that casts as a pseudo reaction than a purposeful message it tries to pass on- by the way, don’t look for it, you’ll be scrapping for hours before you find anything and if you do, then you’ve gone so deep that you are reading between the lines that doesn’t exist. Roger Moore revisiting his character signifies his incapabilities in global scale. Now, I remember that this was the reason why I never fully understood his stardom, with questionable dialogue deliveries to an outrageously loud innuendos that makes you livid, he is surprisingly the anchor of the film.

The Bond girl phenomenon is once again, showcased as an object than a being and along with a weak antagonist that isn’t even correctly motivated, the supporting characters are also dragging this down way too low; how far are they going to rely upon old cameos that are supposed to make you laugh. The Man With The Golden Gun sounds corny as it actually is, the fired shots are empty just like a reason to produce this film, except for the box office results which too is among the lowest, this time.

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