Lazenby is bringing a lot of things new on the table, we may not like it or want it, but, hey, at least, it is refreshing.

Hunt is on a hunt. It is not well planned or equipped. In fact, if anything, it almost feels like an ambush while it clearly isn’t. Peter Hunt, the director, has got one thing right for sure. The flirt of the game, it isn’t thrilling, but is incredibly exciting to see these characters tease each other and us getting pumped for them. Such a connection was difficult to establish especially since the face of our beloved character was replaced.

And not only does it show the utter confident in their script but also on the actor George Lazenby who may not deliver complete list of requirements but somehow in its goofiness, it is an improvement to the previous installment- the film, not the Bond, NO, NEVER. But that’s not saying much, is it, now. Clocking for more than two hours, the film asks a lot of patience from us, and against all expectations, the first and last act is mind numbing. The real treat lies in the middle chapter where the flirting is turned to 11 and watching them gleefully hide and reveal what they care for, is yes, fun to encounter.

If thought about, Lazenby, technically, isn’t conjuring the essence of the Bond. He isn’t confident, he cannot pull off even a one-liner let alone pull out a gun with an electrifying speed or handle his drink. He is good with girls though, so many, in here, some good and some bad, and frankly, the manipulative nature of their tracks did lure me in, instead of being aware of it. On Her Majesty’s Secret Service we can see a lot of good “old style” methods that keeps you invested in the work days, as soon as you’re on a holiday, it looks for cheap thrills; the very theme of action is off putting in here.

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