Hamilton is relying upon his new asset and Moore looking for some support, this misunderstanding leaves the chapter hanging in the middle of nothing.

Hamilton has a new gadget. It is neither effective nor impressive. But diving deep into rich and untouched culture- up till now in the franchise, at least- he has enough room to roam around which he does. There is a certain calmness when he does so, to a degree that even when you know that it has got nothing to do with the storytelling and it doesn’t, you let him enjoy the dance, at least someone is, so why not. While as far as the set pieces are concerned, they have definitely expanded with big expectations to fill and smartly with levity in each action sequences that are inherited in these characters- in one big boat chase sequence, there is a character introduced just for the humor and since he basically has an outer perspective from this world, just like us, somehow his reaction makes it more absorbent than the action- they sail off smoothly to the shore.

Speaking of culture and traditions, similar to the original Bond, they have tried to recreate the magic with a celebratory note, the only issue is that we are unfortunately on the other side of the door, and the celebration feels more tensed than entertaining. Roger Moore, the actor with the most Bond films, is aggressively taking charge on the role, his passion and hard work is admirable, but it never communicated with me.

Primarily because he isn’t flamboyant in his body or actual language, and me, as a fan of this ravishing persona keeps that priority number one. The supporting characters are victims of pawn like stereotypical villainous tidbit, that is basically filling the necessary blank written to have something pushing or ticking behind our host for him to run and he does, a lot. Live And Let Die, let us, if this is how you would wish to move forward, or more accurately backward.

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