Rogen and Theron are going hand-in-hand in a politically correct rom-com, it may not be the game changer, but it surely will sunny side up your weekend.

Levine has always had the lexicon to portray any cinematic event into a work day. Usually, it asks for the other way around, but since Jonathan Levine, the director’s, world is often pragmatic and deals with common issues, it pins the entire film into the ground to a more convincing state. And quirky as the concept may sound, the writers, Dan Sterling and Liz Hannah (especially) enroutes a passage with a single string and no breaks. This linearity in the narration not only doesn’t detour or distract the viewers but also doesn’t have time or space to branch out a gag.

Hence, surprisingly in a film like such, the gags are part of a narrative which makes the storytelling smart and to the point. A rom-com like such falls under the pressure to create a villainous misunderstanding or a lie or childishness among the lead couple in order to split them before the last act. And as much as textbook the structure of the film is, the chemistry between Seth Rogen and Charlize Theron is so genuine, that you find it impossible to pick out a flaw in their homemade dish.

And even at its cheesiest or obligatory part of the film, there is a certain amount of maturity that is handled verbally and not some huge antic that is shielded by an emotionally wrecked system or hot heads floating around the crown. Theron gets a stereotypical forcefully reserved character whose key is held by Rogen who frankly oozes much more warmth than she does in their controversial relationship. Another excellent choice to be shout out for, is the awareness of the expectancy of the viewers that is accounted in, this precarious yet strong relation is build up by the writers like a jenga game where you are waiting for it to collapse brutally and that very Long Shot of relying upon the sense of vulnerability helps her get elected.

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