Feige is done with his first arc and so are we, this is more a palette clenser than a tease, bring it more, it is simply “old style” good.

Russo Brothers docks the universe in one colossal stage where our mighty heroes dances the dance of their life, it is extremely well choreographed. Never has this ever pulled off at such scale, claims Marvel, and Feige proves it, by swooping in every last drop of blood shed in this war. But mind you, it is unlike Infinity War, it never gets too much. There is a certain amount of linearity in their narration that is more focused and polished than the previous installment. It is the ultimate heist, in a sense that it is as big an ambition as the cast is. And so is the storytelling, as rich as the banner goes, the usual baggage of levity that Marvel often failed to own it, comes in natural in here.

Split into three acts, this wallop of emotional drama is not the tease for the game but the journey, that Robert Downey Jr. quotes to be proud of. The world of Russo Brothers, is perfectly balanced as Josh Brolin, wanted it to be. What could have been precarious is somehow its best asset, the film is obvious or even obliged to connect the dots. And as much as you feel overridden in this ride, it never grows dull; this overwhelming experience is plastered across the screen for three straight hours that is ought to make the fans giddy up for more.

What has been fascinating, is to see, not Thanos turned into a mere pawn of the game, his malleable philosophy is still threatening to the leftover superheroes. Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely, the screenwriters, are free from the stereotypical MCU formulaic structure, it doesn’t tap on- a joke, an emotional punch and an actual punch- to the safe beat, they have deconstructed their rhythm for the Endgame, tears are expected, satisfaction; a surprise package.

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