Reed and Rudd are finally pulling the same joke, what is extracted is a much more resonant message.

Reed is literally improvising, in both the set and in compare to his previous installment, and this time, finally, in sync with Paul Rudd, the content that they nod to and have passed it as their “all-in” bet, is a humble brag worth exploring for its empathy and not the laughs. There are very few films that moves with such zip and especially when they have a light humor and higher stakes on their side, this feels like a week day in the superhero community. And if we look at it as the part of the MCU series, and we should always, it is the perfect after party to the jarring impact left by Josh Brolin in Infinity War.

Besides how often do you see a superhero running away in order to not get scolded by a teacher? The first half is basically knocking on each character’s door, where the cards are revealed up front about everything and everyone, no matter how hard they try, “come on, man I thought you were cool.” exhales Rudd to Laurence Fishburne. Unlike other Marvel chapters, the humor comes in smooth and never feels like they are going out of their way, even when they are, “It’s a truth serum.” gets its own arc.

One of the major disappointment is, not the build up of dramatic scenes or the tease that Peyton Redd, the director, lacks in his vocab, but the antagonist which makes us feel exactly like the writers were feeling whilst writing it down, still trying to figure her way out, The Ghost, is dead at basically anything. This entirely daughter-love driven content never fully grasps the momentum it should carry, the only relationship that comes out with the “World’s Best Grandma” trophy, is of Rudd and Abby Ryder Fortson who should have been his partner and instead it is Ant-Man And The Wasp.

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