Brolin is getting the icing of the cake, but then he deserves it, with such an absorbing nuanced performance, he breathes meaning into these loud behemoth battles.

Russo Brothers recites a profound poetry in this heist of gems. Infinity Stones they call it, we, antics to step upon, or more accurately to sacrifice upon. This game of chess is as fun as it would be to watch one. With sacrifices subsequently dashing across the herd of multiple plots, the textbook 1-0-1 tricks of chess, is their way in. A pawn for a pawn and a Queen for a pawn, taking heavy awe-gasping non-affordable losses, Earth’s mightiest heroes, has that one emotional punch left in their bags, which works every time despite of your awareness of its manipulative nature.

After going through a great deal of chapters, their magic trick wasn’t the disappearance of your favourite face cards but the build up or the origin of their construction that led us here, THIS works because THAT did, Downey regretted his actions (Favreau’s Iron Man) and made mistakes (Whedon’s Age Of Ultron), that is why the birth of his gadgets and attitude towards this alienated phenomenon touched the ultimate membership of the rare 2 billion club. The writing is incredibly inspiring when it comes to blend in these many characters- which hasn’t been done to this scale, although Soderberg’s smoothness is yet impenetrable- but unfortunately it is also the one with the most mistakes, where you can clearly see that they sew in the missing links with poor cloth material later on in the production and called it “improvisation”- humor is not that necessary, especially the off putting references that disenchants the viewers from this mythology.

To be fair, even the structure of the film is above the safe formulaic method of MCU, with Josh Brolin at the centre of the narration, his invasion in each act of our heroes “turns the leg to jelly” and keeps the urgency alive and vulnerability, turned to 11, that you feel as he picks up each of our beloved caped saviour in the air, where the contrast of the power he oozes is impeccably nobel. But I think it is the confidence in his walk, his body language so stiff like his views that you are molded and convinced in joining his family dinner party that will spiral out not some bickering but an Infinity War.

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