Waititi has a housewarming party for the Asgradians with food and entertainment so rich, everyone gets to have a good time.

Waititi is the surprising exotic vacation in this MCU. It is sunny and breezy in the realm of Asgard where the idea of mockery colors it like a phoenix for Chris Hemsworth who has been working hard in his subsequently failing chapters. It took them two major losses and Taika Waititi, the director, to finally get a clear vision of this “Lord Of Thunder” with sparkly fingers, of course. By taking itself not seriously, it takes a tremendous amount of effort, and Waititi walks that fine line and doesn’t let the “joke” overpower the kinetic energy the film contains.

It starts off by literally make a tomfoolery out of its previous installments, by pointing out the elephant in the room, the storyline criticizes its own flaws making it impossible to blame for anything. Hemsworth, finally gets the feet tapping rhythm, and as he claims that the character eventually grew into himself to a certain extent, it makes it easy for him to portray and simple for us to swallow. But for me, the film would always be of the guest appearances, there are aplenty and they are just fun. From Benedict Cumberbatch to Jeff Goldblum, these hilarious distractions is what crisps up the hefty part of the material.

Cate Blanchett, as the first female antagonist in this franchise, strikes fear appropriately but what’s absorbing is the equation of her with Hemsworth, where the train of battles are spiraled out by proving their superiority in a sibling rivalry, the honesty of it is bizarrely genius. Tom Hiddleston is hosted aptly by the writers for the first time, while on the other hand, Mark Ruffalo gets to share a few laughs with a drunken and fierceful Tessa Thompson whose innocent relationship plasters a broad smile on our face, in this dark critical time that mythology claims it to be an inevitable natural disaster called Ragnarok and Hemsworth a way out.

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