Gunn is high on humor, low on creativity, this mixed bag of feelings is good to look and good to feel.

Gunn is one of those deity of the world that he creates, that puts a specific, almost signature impression in his films which can not be replaced or recreated. Almost Tim Burton like is his world and instead of humanizing the cartoonish element, he speaks through music. And this time, although he stretches a bit much to express the momentum of the scene, there is a beautiful narration involved in these harmony. And yes, it usually does, but here Kurt Russell verbally explains his inspiring revelation- or so he thinks- through a song where he spirals out his plan while wording its lyrics, Brandy (You’re a fine girl) is a vital character in the film. James Gunn, the writer-director doesn’t have anything new to offer in this chapter, but then come to think of it, neither he did on his previous adventure.

His world on the other hand, is rich in details as it justifies the genre sci-fi completely, from the way a planet reproduces generations to the rituals these outlaws religiously follow, swooping in each character’s perspective- especially Groot’s since he doesn’t have anything personal going on in this volume- Gunn keeps us engage with bright colors and spectacular visuals that may feel short handed yet are easily negotiable.

The primary reason, this second expedition fails so poorly is the core introduced character that Russell portrays which is so annoyingly predictable and one dimensional that it sinks even Chris Pratt along with it. And surprisingly the reprising characters have much more luminous to say, Bradley Cooper’s character gets more depth and Michael Rooker, a satisfying arc with Dave Bautista sharing few laughs with no one but himself. Pretty much in its early stage, Groot- an innocently motivated adolescent- is staged in a moral dilemma of befriending an enemy to help his friend, this feeling is what’s left with you at the end of Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2, we as an audience are compromising.

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