Whedon exits this group with a half grinned face after getting an applause for an admirable attempt.

Whedon is both straining and stretching it. For a brief period you ARE fooled, in believing that there is a lot going on, on this prodigious IMAX screen. But this misty figure will reveal itself and it is one big disappointment dressed in a bling-y superhero costume with gadgets so smooth and powers so unfathomable that it would giddy up the fans for more. But in this people-pleasing gold-digging chapter that is not only overstuffed with characters but also with irrelevant one-liners, the missing vital puzzle is the zip of the flow that its previous chapter was brimmed of.

With antics set oddly and the battles staged that can spiral out a heated debate in a bar, the purpose that drives all these characters into the battlefield seems outdated, overthought out and utterly complex in its malleability, yet eventually leads to the same old event that we had previously been part of. Joss Whedon, the writer and director, whose incongruent direction that somewhat made its previous chapter questionable, has clearly ran out of luck by this time. What this chapter does most importantly is shine the light on Downey’s arc on this franchise, by this chapter, we can easily see that not only is he the nucleus of the group, but how rich the character gets as each side of his perspective puppets this cold world.

“We’re mad scientist” he schemes with Ruffalo and there is an eye popping revelation that is cathartic for us as viewers. The antagonist is frankly dull, contradicting itself for few laughs, James Spader fails to shake the “Earth’s mightiest heroes” which by the way Elizabeth Olsen does it in a snap!- no.. that was close. Jeremy Renner finally gets his mojo back with something to say that is both a criticism to itself and honest and as his speech grows longer quoting, “this doesn’t make any sense..” it somehow does just not to the people residing in an Age Of Ultron.

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