Hemsworth and Hiddleston mourning for another loss, another weak chapter.

Taylor is an improvement. But that’s not saying a lot is it? This Asgard is much more stylish and has a somewhat similar pace to its predecessor, the only positive aspect of the film. With an “in and out” mission executing from both the sides of the coin, Alan Taylor is unfortunately not bringing anything new on the table. The levity is taken granted for, so is its royalty. Despite of possessing neat polished set pieces, the script is still chalky enough to swallow it all in one. Still no romance between the characters, that results in an undesired physical distance with the audience. There is no reason or a fragment of this world that convinces us to feel empathy towards it, no emotions are felt, no hearts touched.

I would also blame the society that is created in here and even the characters envisioned along with the gadgets and the mobiles, every tiny detail of this apparently “dark world” is originated with something of ours, and yet they behave unconventionally to a degree that you, as an audience, feel alienated. Chris Hemsworth revisiting his character is decent enough on the ground he is given, there is yet a missing puzzle to be solved in both his character and performance.

Desperate attempts to include Natalie Portman in the narration, makes it more vulnerable since she barely is anything beyond a pawn in this visual galores chess. If anyone that shines above all, is once again, Tom Hiddleston as the God of Mischief, his tricks are predictable yet reliable. The primary reason why both of these Hemsworth chapters fail, is the inadequacy of the antagonist to cast a spell on us, you are neither threatened or concerned, their presence is an inescapable commercial obligation that is written with capitals alongside Thor: The Dark World.

Posted by:Arth

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