Gunn and Pratt sticks out a branch in this infamous franchise that has the essence of friendship in its root.

Gunn has made a family drama. This space isn’t filled with pew-pew guns anymore- not technically!- it focuses on gritty 1-0-1 textbook drama that ought to warm you in this train of cold superhero blockbusters. James Gunn, the co-writer and director, of this surprise entry in the MCU world is every bit of fun as it doesn’t sound. With new writers, director, actors and probably the least familiar characters of Marvel, this franchise has managed to work on merit and as they claim it, an “awesome” soundtrack. Gunn’s film is filled with pop songs, his passion for music drives the script for the most part of it, in fact you can filter out those moments, some might call it an unpolished or unfinished job I’d like to call it an homage to “the greatest movie ever” Footloose.

Chris Pratt as the “Star-Lord”- a heartwarming name that has its own arc- is as good as the butt of the joke is, in a sketch show. He can never carry the whole show, yet the act would be incompetent without him and his major support and Gunn’s trump card, is a raccoon voiced by Bradley Cooper. Not only has the character an appropriate depth that any writer would die to have for, but with three dimensional perspective on his views that he shares through a dogmatic edgy humor in his vocab, “you are making me beat up grass..” he remains light headed with a deep voice.

Zoe Saldana never gets to complete her purpose or justify her existence contrary to what her performance says, and so does fall Dave Bautista under that section along with heart swooning Vin Diesel as Groot whose predictability is a double edge sword. Guardians Of The Galaxy is fast with a killer track that makes your feet groove with banal sense of humor and its approach to the sincerest plot points, are they ingenious or game-changing, I think it doesn’t matter.

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