Russo Brothers replaces the throne after appointing Chris Evans as their unbeatable knight.

Russo Brothers takes this franchise to a whole new level. And luckily- as Kevin Feige reported- and surprisingly this stage is politically correct and blow horns the society with an evidently essential message. Anthony and Joe Russo, the directors, have managed to blend in all the genres i.e. from humor to drama and from politics to action, but the way they paint sci-fi is inspiring, not for the highly rich detailing but how thought provoking it is. Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely, the writers, as mentioned, fuels on the elements of the film and not the antics. No matter how MCU textbook formulaic the film is, the antics are distraction and what I love above all, is that the Russo Brothers too categorizes it as one big hokum.

Either fast forwarding the jibber-jabber or installing humor in it, they butter up the medicinal part of the script. Chris Evans suits up for the third time and yet this feels like a birth. Probably, for the fact that Russo Brothers are themselves the fan of this righteous man. And they are well aware of the fact that he is probably the most easiest character to connect and communicate with, from his references- yes, they are outdated, yet familiar- to his action sequences that are more mano-y-mano than you’d usually get.

The key to glorifying these films was to craft it into an espionage thriller and the result is as its banner claims to be “marvelous”. Robert Redford, as their trump card delivers with pretty much straight forward attitude all the way through his track. The antagonist Sebastian Stan does make you clench your jaw with a loud yelling-like background score where Anthony Mackie gets overshadowed and Scarlett Johansson stays far away to beat her own drums after introducing the nickname The Winter Soldier for him.

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