Chris Evans, with a physique so chiseled, can only carry this sinking ship so far.

Johnston’s righteous passage has the key to celebrate his hero. But this hero is clearly in the wrong film. With a surrounding so incongruent to the characters, the visual effects is probably the worst enemy of the film. No matter how emotionally fueled the punches are, the picture that paints this battle pins it down to a more cartoon-ish look. On terms of writing, Christopher Marcus and Stephen McFeely, the screenwriters, who’d also carry the big responsibility of driving the Avengers franchise, had got that knack of installing style in their substance even back then.

Their script doesn’t feed off on antics but elements (the challenges that the army keeps piling on, on Chris Evans, those little moments are gem-like), elements so rich and complete in their entirety that plasters a broad smile on our exhausted face every now and then. The entertaining factor isn’t served upfront on the table but you have to work for it. For a brief period, when as a mentor a scientist describes the characteristics of Evan to himself, and somehow the film at that very moment seems balanced only to be tripped over by infusing it with humor in latter stages.

Evans as the worthy hero pours his soul into tight clothes, and the result is that it would be difficult for us to see someone else in this role from now on. The supporting actors like Tommy Lee Jones, Sebastian Stan, Hayley Atwell and even Hugo Weaving gets lost into the shadow of Evans, their mikes aren’t attached to the speaker that reaches us. Joe Johnston, the director, has a long way to go, especially in tying up all his plots with one string, no hindrance and not an inch of lazy bone in his body, the film ought to have the ingredients that this Captain America: The First Avenger is made of, literally, “..out of a bottle.”

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