At this point, Downey is just having fun, and so do you as far he isn’t serious, and when he does the clock unfortunately starts from zero only to tick backwards.

Favreau has the perfect comic timing. His revisit on this infamous character is surprisingly funny, passionately dark, yet funny. This underrated chapter of Downey in MCU is diplomatically cinematic and clearly way too mature for its audience. From pulling off a legal subpoena to creating a scenario without any written words (Downey annoyed at the spinning artifact at Paltrow’s table), these things aren’t encountered in a superhero flick and it is refreshing to see Jon Favreau, the director, extend his hand for the indie cards. But unfortunately, the day is sunny up till the last act arrives. With all the cards shown upfront, the climax is boiled down to a mind-numbing fist fight that has nothing but empty explosive punches in its hand.

The self-elected savior for the people and as Downey agrees once, “Narcissistic” persona, has an engaging and satisfying character development to offer and suffer through- which he still finds it correctly annoying. The new element discovering scene is equivalent to your usual training montage scene or a boy saved personally by his “sung” hero, these cheesy commercial scenes on the other hand often keeps undermining the standard of the film. Scarlett Johansson cloaking on first time, her tight leather suit has probably the dullest choreographed action scene in here, to be honest, at least Favreau packs a humorous punch.

Don Cheadle rebooting Downey’s sidekick role is definitely an upgrade along with Gwyneth Paltrow who gets to say much more this time or at least she now can blatantly shut Tony up. Mickey Rourke as the baddie has his best moments with Sam Rockwell who is clearly a juicier antagonist than Rourke. And Robert Downey Jr. philosophizing his tin suit has another careful step taken, no matter how much unhealthy (Donuts) he eats. That very scene where a celebrity at its peak mollifies down to nothing is enough reason to take a peak at this aftermath titled Iron Man 2.

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