Cover. Ambush.

Mann’s ruffian ideology is undoubtedly tough and on the other hand is incredibly brittle. This political thriller that was aspired to be thought provoking feels like you tuned in a prime time news show that grows into a preaching to the choir tone within its first act. It is a long tiring process that Michael Mann, the co-writers and director, wants you to be a part of, why? Also, I couldn’t imagine a film confined in its doomed script to ever come off winning, this wannabe Lawrence Of Arabia lacks the romance between the audience and the character that David Lean made sure his film was fueled of.

On the positive side, the hard work is transparent as water and pays off more than enough when it comes to create these behemoth action set pieces on such a large scale. Michael’s passion and Daniel Day-Lewis’s skin in the game makes all the effort worth. No matter how many times you find yourself watching the clock, you’d also want to see Daniel pouring his soul in on the magnanimous and generously fierce character. Madeleine Stowe and Russell Means is supporting Daniel and the film thoroughly to reach to a better end.

The script mainly works on the duality of the war and not the characters, and after its first act, the film gets pretty simple and unbearingly hard to watch. There is a lot of political correctness in the film, which unfortunately is turned up a notch that often undermines the emotions these characters go through and its major asset, the one dramatic scene that it all hinges upon is the major victim of this disease. The Last Of The Mohicans feels more like an Oscar bait than a deep dive on a rich Americana culture.

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