A Love Punch.

Sheridan’s sport drama isn’t sporty at all. There is definitely hard work in here, but all the guns are aimed towards the aspiration of creating a big wallop of emotional drama that swoops in every political satire in this romantic tale. Now, as you can see, this is a culmination of multiple genre and unfortunately only romance soars above all. The reason being, an amazing lead cast, if Daniel Day Lewis is amiable to the tears of Emily Watson, then so is she to his gut wrenching punches. Combining it, they make one good cinematic couple facing and running away from their past. Fortunately, to cover in all the grounds, the film doesn’t just focus on their perspective, the supporting characters too consume the screen time for the justification of their deeds.

Take Brian Cox for instance, his character that never helms charge in the film up till the last act, may seem like your average set up of a pawn-like stereotypical antagonist with money and power in his hand. Another surprising package that keeps giving us is Emily’s nuanced performance that gets in on the ring through practical insertions like a fearful mother and a wife and more importantly an adolescent lover that as a past haunts her.

And in the end, it is all for the man himself, Daniel who is there in the ring himself, struggling and resisting his love towards Emily and a dodgy familiar arena that he adores and calls “home”. Jim Sheridan, the co-writer and director, is often milking stuff, among this two hour of journey, there is somewhere a good one hour film that needed a better coaching. The Boxer is a hot headed fellow, easily swooned in and boiled up, unfortunately the makers couldn’t manipulate it better to make it survive the 12th round.

Posted by:Arth

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