Hard And Simple.

Stiller’s hip and happening love track for the younger audience is mature on projecting the hardcore truth of a 20s lifestyle where the troubles are dug up if they don’t exist. From practically fumbling and often cheesy conversation to a gripping screenplay, Helen Childress, the writer oozes a slick style for a larger appeal. But if there is your usual hokum of a love triangle, then there is also genuine warmth and familiarity that Leliana (Winona Ryder) goes through for her career searching for an opportunity wolfishly, that gives an unexpected and required depth to this storyline.

There is also a sense of urgency in, the director, Ben Stiller’s lexicon to present the 20s mindset which is often quick and comes with less effort. Winona Ryder in the lead steals all the charm, she literally snatches it away from others, even when Ethan Hawke recites a whistle blowing and heart swooning one liners, her eyes staring him seeking for innocence, speaks more than he is allowed to. But mind you, it doesn’t suggest in any way, that Hawke is just going to sit by, he has a bigger hand and so what if it is flawed, it gives him a three dimensional perspective.

And between these love birds, Stiller comes in from a mechanical world where rules are everything and art often forgotten, and with his performance you can easily see that, he doesn’t hold back on expressing his “sorry”(s). In its final act, after Stiller has got you in his beautiful web of lies, the way he juggles these characters and our emotions, it definitely lives up to the hype when the last act lives up to its “climactic” title. Reality Bites, yes, but there is still enough chocolate for us to share with others and cherish it with a broad plastered smile.

Posted by:Arth

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