Behold These Words And Rejoice The Tears.

No one can be as transparent as Jarmusch himself. He documents the behavior of each character like some observationalist from a wildlife research center that is fascinated by humans’ simple and banal thought process. From head to toe, this is a home run, not only is the concept so irrationally relevant but the narration so fluid and confident in its character, that you are practically giddy up for more of the sketchiness of this imaginative world. And at the throne sits Bill Murray as a non reactive persona that has very little emotion on his face.

And if you somehow find any, it definitely is a negative one, either being exhausted by his lifestyle or eyes rolled expression with rolling his eyes. Murray whose companion is an idiot box, is Jim Jarmusch’s probably the greatest creation of all. Since, Murray is underwhelmed by possibly everything, it gets easy for Jarmusch to hit its audience with an adrenaline rush when he finally accepts his fate to be moved by ongoing events. There are lots of supporting characters in here, to a degree that they can be called guest appearance.

From Tilda Swinton to Jessica Lange, from Julie Delpy to Jeffrey Wright and from Frances Conroy to Chloe Sevigny, all these A list starers lives up to the hype their name comes with, personally I felt Sharon Stone’s hilarious body language puts the film in a whole new track. The writing is more expressive when there aren’t verbal sparring, and yes it is a sort of script that completely relies upon the performance but then, Murray is not going to let you down, not with Jarmusch assisting him so freely. Broken Flowers has an addictive fragrance, where the quality of the humor is so magnanimous that those laughs can make you sad, not crestfallen but cathartic.

Posted by:Arth

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