Truth Or Dare.

Gervais and Robinson has a pretty good discussion about the concept of the film in the film itself. And that’s as much as thrill you are going to get from it. Since, it never grows beyond a dinner table conversations. The ideas are thrown out here and there, the ambition is admirable, there is fluent levity in their vocab and they make a good team as far as entertaining the audience is concerned. But such a concept often is a double edged sword. And as much as gripping and easily spoken, the film is about, it is tremendously difficult to make it accurate.

Now, usually a viewer can let this go, but a film that completely revolves around that very idea and pushes further the boundary of the concept without double checking the so called secured area, that has got to be amateur-ish and also irresponsibly confident. From the very beginning, we are just told to mug up the fact, that without whatsoever change in the current society, the humankind has come so far without a lie. These questions continuously pokes you through out the journey and never lets you fully enjoy the film.

Is there anything to look forward to in the film beyond Ricky Gervais’s performance? Probably not. If you don’t count a literal rip off of the origin of religion and the concept of God; which is to be frank, funny. Gervais is a real artist. An actor, to be honest. There is empathy in his eyes and he uses it smartly, not milking it or manipulating it for the tears, his voice breaks and eyes mourns, and there you melt away with an awe. The Invention Of Lying is probably the apt description, it has a fresh concept but then it also is a big lie, except for the love track that Gervais claims to be like Billy Wilder’s The Apartment.

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