One Long Winning Race.

Ross believes in the old testimony. He breathes that old textbook method of being informative more than entertaining. And he is so confident in the malleability of his script, that details are encouraged- after being frightened by the sudden rise of some birds, the horse tries to run around the last act of the film that helps Tobey Maguire realize its capability- more than the antic itself. The first act is spent upon establishing the various characters before merging their subplots for one big dramatic event or a race, either one.

And so is its second half, similar to it, a mirror like adaptation is of Gary Ross and clean and clear vision he gets in the end. There is maturity and precision in each frame that keeps emotions above all, even the storytelling. Personally, I felt connected with the idea of each character sweating in the field for a pet animal that is never, for an instance, thought of as anything but a child to them. This sort of similar aspect to J. K. Rowling’s Harry Potter books, is heartwarming.

The horse that is brimmed of a theme of being “the one” is moving enough to heal the broken characters, especially Maguire that goes through an incredible process comes off as the highlight of the game. Jeff Bridges as the father figure, not only sees the horse and Tobey as a metaphor, but tries to places them as their own kids that he loses unfortunately in the beginning of the film. Chris Cooper as the strict coach, the apt supervisor to the film, and surprisingly honest and practical that claims to speak the truth, he certainly tries to. Seabiscuit is a winning bet from the scratch, with a cast of caliber like such and a creator so passionate, it does appeal to a stadium filled audience.

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