Dive To The Safe Ground.

Mitchell is clearly a fan of the classic film-noir genre. He isn’t even hiding it. All through the film he has kept many Easter eggs across the film for the fans to collect. His Hitchcock-ian vocab has an avant-garde style over the substance case that may or may not work. But the distraction goes every way as it was aspired, spooky and crispy enough to make you nod to the conspiracies it weaves left and right. Personally, I feel that David Robert Mitchell; the writer-director gets his big win when Sam (Andrew Garfield) scores free stuffs in a party or any other social visits. His poverty-stricken misery is boiled down so brilliantly that you genuinely communicate with his tiny nuances that Garfield foliated beautifully with a lazy sunken attitude. It definitely milks its way to the end, but for all the “Hollywood” razzle dazzle that it stages, the hokum is pretty much acceptable.

Mitchell gets into your skin through speaking loudly but metaphorically, especially the “nightmare” sequences where it shows you the true side of the horror of the game Garfield is involved in. Hopping from one character to another, this investigation process is fortunately valid till the first hour, after which the film shifts into a thrilling chase that consists of typical clue solving scenarios and unknown territories invaded blatantly and unprepared by our protagonist in order to keep your heart pumping.

Garfield as a lousy head, is sensationally in his A game, he offers some wide range to his audience, from carrying out embarrassing and ethically wrong deeds to carefree dance numbers, his commitment on giving this homage to film-noir features is really moving. Under The Silver Lake is over the moon as far as it is trying to stay in the show business, with glittering acts and head scratching innuendos, it is a terrifyingly fun game.

Posted by:Arth

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