The Same Amount Of Bullets.

Zucker’s another bourgeois case is more genuine than we usually get in such crime detective films. I have been scratching my head over the years to understand what makes this large scaled tomfoolery a success. From this installment of the franchise I could make my truce with believing that these guys are just aware of every possible angle a joke can be viewed from. This is how they are drawing their major laughs. So smooth and so smart is their vocab, utterly convincing in their benign ideologies, you HAVE to nod along with them.

And these are not just few chuckles or pity laughs, but to a point where you find yourself on floor, hoping for them to stop this stupidity and also wanting for more. The commitment on expressing those hilarious written words on screen is something that should come in handy in this genre. Always improvising and keeping true to their loud character developments and arcs of the film- it sounds preposterous to point that out- but it is true. Everytime you think that they are just goofing around, they are fooling you.

There is always that one piece of note that helps them end on a satisfying note, in here it is a workaholic Leslie Nielsen sacrificing his work for Priscilla Presley. The supporting cast are often the butt of the joke but it’s their blatant fumbles and ignorance that helps Nielson repeat his mistakes. Gags that soars above all are a thrilling dancing number, a sensual spoof encounter between lead characters, an old lady beaten unknowingly by Nielsen, all the given speeches in the film and him attempting to uncuff himself. The Naked Gun 2 ½: The Smell Of Fear frankly smells funny, hold on to your seat, this sequel respects the childishness of its prequel.

Posted by:Arth

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