More Like A Mock Trial.

Nichols is far from being authentic like some Spielberg’s documentation but almost close enough to be gritty as Polanski. Either way, the result is a big mixed bag of feelings. You are left unsatisfied and a bit peckish for frankly anything, any sort of content to feed upon. The director Mike Nichols, clearly can’t absorb the behemoth range of the screenwriter Aaron Sorkin’s script on the screen. It is disappointing to see him fumble like such despite of having support from every possible directions. But I would blame Sorkin’s take too. His game is actually a one long tennis match.

There is a great serve in the beginning act and a hefty rebound in its second one due to its previous powerful boost. But as it grows iterative, the audience gets tired and the pain is not felt in the head anymore. What was supposed to be a head scratching content is now a flimsy attempt to grasp the viewers. And these fatal attempts of Sorkin trying to get hold of something beyond the range of the storyline, turns it into a quirky foolish socialite world that is always read to negotiate but never shakes on it. The cast is undoubtedly the highlight of the film.

Tom Hanks playing once again a real persona gives a promising performance that is elevated by no one but Amy Adams as her secretary that literally helps him on tiny aspects of the film. Other supporting cast like Julia Roberts, Emily Blunt, Om Puri and John Slattery gets lost into words and never conquers them. The real crispy and juicy ingredient of the dish is Phillip Seymour Hoffman climbing the ladder along with waking people up. He is the unexpected chocolate delight in the cake, he is the cherry of this desert that comes in complementary and what might enrage you then, is that this is Charlie Wilson’s War.

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