Ride Slow. Ride Long.

Pollack’s take on cowboy and their lifestyle is fascinating as much as it should be, there is no effort beyond that, there is no layer beneath it. There are few moments were Sydney Pollack; the director, does steal the thunder but even at those moments, you would feel that the makers could have done a lot better. For instance, the one big chase scene, probably the only exhilarating antic in the entire film where all the adrenaline is supposed to be poured in, but the way it is shot could have been much more cleaner and crispier than it is.

And this is what is left at the end of the film, that inadequacy on everything that makes you wonder the bourgeois strategy of the filmmaker. Maybe, it’s some new adapted technique that didn’t work or was just meant to be accordingly. The adapted screenplay too, is another limitation to leap over, as much as standard it is, there is no crux in the game, no relation between these characters whatsoever. And the romance or the spark that you see between our lead characters is all driven from their performance.

Robert Redford playing a star past his fame and youth, broods as much as he should and oozes sexual charisma more than he should. This is where the film gets easy. Making Jane Fonda; an uptight skillful player in the show business, fall for the carefree natured cowboy. As much as stereotypical it is, it just works. Their isolated electrifying journey is the only reason you would want to take this ride. From silent still pitches on screen to their “slave to their behavior” nature where all the bickerings is drawn from, helps them immensely to walk on some solid ground where The Electric Horseman is the ultimate saviour.

Posted by:Arth

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