Go Long And Fast.

Miller has taken things too far even for this franchise. Are we supposed to chug it all up? As much as passionate and meticulously driven this post apocalyptic world is, I would like to think that the genre sci-fi; which so it blatantly claims to be, is either misinterpreted or taken for granted in here. This film is far from being thought provoking. This raw ruffian ideology that George Miller; the writer-director, thrives upon, is more admirable than overwhelming. His utter fierceful confident in his vision is frankly dangerous. To pull off such a heist- if I could call it- at this scale is purely inspirational.

It is so bizarrely grand that the narration or characters or even the cinema itself gets lost into the dust. Aforementioned, it can be difficult for some viewers to swallow in this whole tale, swirling around in a pathos unapologetic world, there is barely any host for us to root for. And this very three dimensional take is what helps the cast to portray a fluid creamy persona in this bumpy road. Charlize Theron as the most lethal and convincing among all, is more than a match for Tom Hardy’s “one instinct-ish” iconic character Max.

In fact, if anything, Hardy has to try hard, even snatch a gun in order to helm charge on her, a fatal attempt as Theron refuses to share the steely cold looks with anyone on screen. Another fascinating factor is the supporting characters and how invested they are in telling this story, crossing boundaries and showcasing a feat of bravery and commitment, this ensemble of cast defines the term “teamwork” to a whole new level. Mad Max: Fury Road iterates the theme of the world in its long action sequences, a game of chess, not the sacrifice or the head scratching tricks of it, but a succession of winning attempts.

Posted by:Arth

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